Upholstery Cleaning

Professional high-quality upholstery cleaning in Manhattan, NY. Green products, affordable cost, skilled technicians

A Thorough, Green, Deep Clean

Whether in the workplace or at home, we use the upholstery in our space every day. And whilst you don’t take it entirely for granted, just like everything else you use on a daily basis it needs periodic attention. There’s no doubt that over time it’s going gather dirt and stains and begin looking shabby, because your furniture takes a lot of abuse - from guests, children and pets. Even when dirt and dust are not visible, that does not mean they still are not there, lurking deep in the material’s fibers.

We are completely committed to the deep and thorough cleaning of your furniture, whether it’s a chair, a sofa, ottoman or mattresses. We use powerful, industrial machinery which blasts hot jets of water at the fabric, getting out the most difficult stains and spots. We also only use green cleaning products, because we care about the health of you, your family and your employees, and we promise that there will be no toxic chemicals or harmful products left, when we are finished.

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