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Expert carpet cleaning, repair and restoration of area rugs across Manhattan and New York. Organic cleaning,100% guarantee. Professional staff.

Carpet Cleaning That Exceeds Your Expectations

Serving the Manhattan, five boroughs and wider New York area for over two decades, ABC Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet and rug company, offering excellent service at reasonable prices. We’ve been in business two decades now and like to think that our combination of professional service and affordable prices has been a contributing factor. So whether you need a carpet cleaned, a rug repaired or a full-scale wall-to-wall installation carried out, we can help you.

The fact is that whether you’re an individual, a young family, a medium sized business or a corporate office, we offer the same excellent high service. We customize all of our services to meet your specific needs and treat every customer exactly the same way. We also use only organic products in all of our work, to keep you, your family and your employees safe.

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